Matthew Parker: Willoughbyland - England's Lost Colony

About Matthew Parker  

Matthew was born in El Salvador in 1970 to an expatriate family and while growing up lived in Britain, Norway and Barbados. He read English at Balliol College Oxford, then worked in a number of roles in book publishing in London from salesman to commissioning editor.

His first book, published in 2000, was about the Battle of Britain. Then followed Monte Cassino, Panama Fever, The Sugar Barons and Goldeneye. His most recent book, published on 13 August, tells the extraordinary story of Willoughbyland, the forgotten seventeenth-century English colony in Surinam that was exchanged with the Dutch for New York.

When not writing/staring out of the window, he loves making sushi, pubs, growing stuff and visiting remote places.

He is a member of the Authors Cricket Club, and wrote a chapter of A Season of English Cricket from Hackney to Hambledon. He is also a contributor to the  Oxford Companion to Sweets.

He has recently been elected a fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

He lives in East London with his wife, three children and annoying dog.

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