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From 1946 until the end of his life, Ian Fleming lived for two months of every year at Goldeneye - the house he built on Jamaica’s north coast. All the Bond novels and stories were written here.

So much of Bond leads back to Jamaica: the high-end jet-set tourism world in which our hero moves, the relentless attention to race, the aching concern with the end of the Empire and national decline, the awkward new relationship with the United States. Furthermore, the spirit of the island – its exotic beauty, its unpredictable danger, its melancholy, its love of exaggeration and gothic melodrama – infuses the novels. READ MORE >>

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Matthew ParkerMatthew was born in El Salvador in 1970 to an English expatriate family and spent part of his childhood in the West Indies. He now lives in the rather untropical East End of London with his family and annoying dog. READ MORE>>

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